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Our executive Staff

ABOUT - Laurie

Laurie has held increasingly responsible positions at several Fortune 100 companies including Disney, Yahoo, and others.


For the last six years, she has been a partner in a successful medical device manufacturing and supply company. With the company doing well her work is done. Laurie has agreed to come out of her early retirement to manage our company operations with us and focus on women's issues and fertility in particular.


As president and CEO of  Keen Devices, Laurie will be making her mark in the fertility business as we roll out innovative new products designed to help women of all socio-economic classes worldwide, concentrating on helping as many people as possible instead of maximizing profit.




President & CEO


ABOUT - Kristin

An entrepreneur, Kristi has been involved in an eclectic collection of successful startups and ventures and operates her own marketing company


Kristi has worked extensively in the medical industry. As the Chief Product Officer for SCOSI, she created new surgical devices and techniques and worked with the FDA on the registration process. She also worked with hundreds of physicians, surgery centers, hospitals, management groups, and the insurance industry to develop integrated health care delivery systems. 


Kristi was the inspiration for ENI™ and the ICF™ devices with her constant questioning of the status quo and asking if there might be a better way. 


Founder & CMO

ABOUT - Rebecca

Rebecca graduated #1 in her class receiving her Masters in Health Administration degree and has been working in the medical field for more than ten years.

As the Special Projects Manager for one of the largest specialty medical groups on the west coast she focuses on new business development, health care operations, expanding services and clinical trials.  Always seeking more responsibility Rebecca also consults for outside medical businesses enjoying repeat contracts from satisfied customers.

In these roles she has fine-tuned the skills she will be using in her position as Keen's chief clinical affairs and governmental compliance officer.

 We also believe that the years she spent working her way through school as a bartender will serve us well as we celebrate our successes.


Founder & CCO

ABOUT - Dr. Allen Lu, MD, Professor, Chief of Surgery (U.C.L.A.)

Dr. Lu is a renowned surgeon with his own sports institute in Orange County CA.

Early in his career, he had to choose between technology and medicine. He chose medicine but it was close.  He has lived at the intersection of the two with numerous inventions in the space including surgical tools, devices, and implants, as well as developing leading-edge imaging solutions that were acquired privately. 


Dr. Lu was intrigued that a simple medical device such as ICF™ could disrupt a well-established industry like Fertility. He found it interesting that we plan to sell our devices at an ultra-low price compared to the alternatives and he has agreed to join us and provide his expertise in getting to market. 


Dr. Allen Lu

Medical Director / Compliance Adviser

ABOUT - Dr. Sevan Stipanian MD  (U.C.L.A.) -- Facey Medical Group


Dr. Stipanian specializes in minimally invasive robotic surgery and is at the cutting edge of medicine today.


Dr. Stipanian was the first medical professional to review the early hand-drawn designs and drawings of the planned devices. His personal knowledge of the Assisted Reproductive process confirmed our assumptions and he has continued to review design iterations. 


Dr. S will also be analyzing our study data and publishing results.  He is anxious to work with our marketing and communications department on getting the word out about this newest first step the pursuit of conception.

Dr. Sevan Stepanian

Medical Advisor

ABOUT - Dr. Judy Wei MD, Professor (U.S.C.)


Dr. Wei is an Obstetrician and Gynecologist in Irvine Ca that has delivered well over a thousand babies and is beloved by her patients.


Dr. Wei is helping to refine and finalize our designs. She is the lead clinician for our FDA submissions and will conduct specific clinical studies and document the effectiveness of ENI™ compared to a control protocol.


Dr. Wei will be empirically documenting the effectiveness of the new devices and publishing the results of our studies. She strongly feels that there is a gap in family planning with ready help for contraception but little assistance with conception.

Dr Judy Wei

Clinical Director


RJ has had a very successful career with some of the biggest employers in the world. He devised and implemented standard operating procedures at 20,000+ locations and was known as the go-to person if you needed the impossible done. He saved one employer over a hundred billion dollars by inventing a better way to get the work done. Despite that, he felt that he not really contributed all that much to the world or made a very big difference outside of his small pond. 


Embarking on his third career he set out to make a difference this time. A lifelong inventor and tinkerer RJ founded Keen Devices Inc to find simple solutions to common problems.  When asked to look into Assisted Reproductive Technology he found it a sufficiently interesting and sufficiently difficult problem to spend significant time on. He found a better way and ENI™ was born.



Founder & Chief Tinkerer

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