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A short primer on 

Assisted Reproductive Technology


According to the CDC A.R.T., or Assisted Reproductive Technology, is a branch of medicine where fertilization occurs in the laboratory. In a more general sense, according to the World Health Organization, many definitions are used in describing assisted reproduction including various fertility medicines and procedures. So while technically ART refers to in-vitro procedures for the layman you may consider any assistance in fertilization to be ART.


About 80% of women trying to get pregnant will conceive within one year. That leaves millions of women or couples behind.  For a wide variety of reasons they have difficulty and it is an increasing problem worldwide. Traditional ART is a fantastic miraculous thing for those that have access and can afford it, but it is too expensive for many.


Fertility is big business. The US market alone represents 4 billion dollars a year. Worldwide sales are over 40 billion dollars. With so much money involved, and with ART mostly considered an elective procedure, the industry is highly skewed to people of means in first world nations. ENI™ and ICF™ will change that, making natural, no-hassle, non-prescription devices and treatments available to a much wider cross-section of women and drastically lowering costs for everyone.




In-Vitro Fertilization

Intracervical Insemination

Intrauterine Insemination

Estimated Cost – $3,000 to $30,000

ICI, IUI, and IVF are the primary treatments today. These are medical procedures and involve multiple doctors and visits, tests, prescriptions, injections, counseling, invasive procedures, drugs, and side effects, diagnosis to find fault, large commitments of time and investments of emotional capital.


Now Keen has created  ENI/ICF™ and its the
new logical first step for any fertility plan.

Keen ICF Estimated Cost ≈  $25
Private, natural, no doctors and minimal expense




Estimated Cost - Well over $30,000


There are more advanced treatments available for those whom standard ART therapies have consistently failed despite repeated attempts.

These are beyond the scope of this short primer and involve special highly individualized procedures and treatment

plans specifically tailored for each patient.

Keen ICF™ won’t work for everyone but for many, it can help them realize their dream
with an absolute minimum of expense and aggravation. ENI™ is a drastic change for A.R.T.

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