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Colleagues Working Together

Most people know someone who is going through or has gone through fertility treatments of some kind.
So do we, and they asked us "can't you think of a better way?"   We did and ENI™ was born.


Our executive team, comprised of mostly women, has several unique goals. With our initial line of products, Keen will democratize reproductive assistance by offering a highly effective alternative at an extremely low cost. Target pricing is expected to be less than 1/100th the cost of existing procedures making help available worldwide for those without medical coverage for fertility assistance or access to advanced clinics.  With the price of other available fertility treatments being so high we could be charging much more but we won’t because Keen wants to make a difference in the world not maximize profits or shareholder returns.

Keen founders developed and have exclusive rights to patent-pending IP for unique devices that establish a ground-breaking new technology that will change the face of the Fertility Industry.


Keen is continuing to build a network of innovative entrepreneurs and forward-thinking medical advisers with medical device development experience who are expert in human reproduction. They all want to make a difference.

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